Crash Dump

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Does anyone know of any sites or services that process crash dumps for your programs? It seems like things could be a lot better in this area. Google Breakpad has pretty much become the standard crash dump generator, and provides tools to upload the crash. But I haven't come across anything that you put on your server ( or ideally an externally hosted service) to process the crashes.

When a program crashes, it'd be nice to give the user the option of viewing a webpage about the crash. This could provide quite a few perks for the user and developer.

  • Statistics - first seen, last seen, crashes per month, week, day.
  • Support - developers could ask with a specific crash a question
  • Discussion - users could discuss the crash with each other - finding solutions - which in turn would help the develop debug.

It seems that most users would like to help diagnose the problem when a program they're using crashes. It'd be nice if we could target and use that energy.

So, anyone know anything like that?


@pvanzelst directed me to The design isn't great - but it ticks a lot of boxes. Seems to be Windows only though.

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