GMod10 - Tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So GMod10 is coming tomorrow!

Oh man. That could have gone so much smoother.

First the forums are slow so I decide to shut them down a 20 mins and optimize the table. Which goes well but then my internet [b]DIES[/b] and I can't switch the forums back on.

So I figure hey it'll be back by the morning they're probably doing something. But it isn't.

So luckily I manage to get onto a neighbours wireless network and switch the forums on. Then I find out that the press release went out and I have a ton of shit to do.

So I drive to town to get a new router but the traffic is jam-ragged because of all the christmas shoppers beating the crowds and it takes 2 hours for a 2 mile jorney.

So I get home and now my router works and I find that some of TEAM GARRY have disputed the fact that it was going to be released - despite that I told them last week.

And now I gotta do shit.

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