Office Design

We’re plan to move our office soon. We’re going to be moving from Bloxwich to Birmingham. Right now it’s just a big empty shell.

So we’re getting a firm to design and turn it into a real office. I haven’t been to many game studio offices. In fact, I think I’ve only been to one.. and that’s Valve’s office. Their office design is nice and clean, nice contrast, industrial but warm. So I didn’t really have much input on office designs other than copy Valve.

But then I remembered, I had seen an office design that I really loved. It was a few years back, but Mojang had their office fitted out and had a photo shoot. I really liked it. It was like an ikea crossed with a movie set.

But it’s not about it looking great, it has to be practical too. People have to actually be able to sit there and work. They have to have desks and computers. We can’t just focus on the carpets and leather sofas.

It’s something I hadn’t thought about at the time. Had they thought of that? Have they got appropriate desks, with power and ethernet, and somewhere to store the PC?

Yep. They had thought of all that too, and looks like it functions really well.

We’re hoping to have the new office done by the end of the year. It’ll be sad to say goodbye to Bloxwich, but at the same time, not that sad.


  1. Marat says:

    It’s nice to know you have a good taste, Garry. But why do you even need an office in this postcovid era? What exactly are you doing in the office, that you can’t do remotely at your house, “business meetings”?

  2. Bill Smoke says:

    You should do the historical rp oil paintings too.

  3. Liam says:

    garry! i want to paly rust! thank you.

  4. GarryPls says:

    just fuckin impregnate me already fuck

  5. Eros says:

    Those sofas at Mojang’s look pretty uncomfortable but I guess they do fit the style

  6. 5K5T says:

    i really like your job i could join but im in other country .(

  7. Xorom says:

    Open office is the worst, give people some privacy.
    How can people code with several other people looking at them?
    Feels weird.

  8. Alex says:

    Nice looking spot. My company recently did the same. I live a block from the office and I maybe go in twice a year. If you don’t need to be in an office, don’t bother…

  9. Anton says:

    Garry please let me become part of the team!

  10. Anton says:

    Implement a 1×2 starter base in your office

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