What sucks about Steam

Having used Steam nearly every day for 19 years, both as a developer and a gamer, there are a few things that annoy me. These things have become more apparent since I’ve had kids and other game launchers have come out. Friend Requests I’m sure normal people don’t have this problem, but people add me…More

Making A Game 2022

Game Idea Every game starts with an idea. The best game idea is the one that’s popular right now. Get a list of games up, order by the number of concurrent players and make a game like that first one. Yes, that game was made by 500 people, over the course of 6 years, but…More


A big part of s&box is calling c++ from c#, and calling c# from c++. So while that’s easy enough to do manually for a few functions, using DllImport and all that noise, it’s not really that feasible with the amount of stuff we want to bind. Plus there’s downsides to DllImport. The automatic marshalling…More

Frozen Shoulder

I’ve had a frozen shoulder for about a year. For the longest time I was unable to lift my arm higher than shoulder height. I couldn’t put my coat on properly because I couldn’t bend my arm backwards enough to get it in the arm hole. Worst of it all is that I did this…More

Shitty Holiday Photos

There’s something that has started happening over the last few years that annoys the shit out of me.We went to Dubai last week on holiday. So while we were there we went up the Burj Kalifa, the tall..


Your Portfolio Gave Me Diarrhea

When we advertise for jobs we get a lot of applications. It can be frustrating to go through job applications and to be honest I really hate it, but I love finding new talented people to work with s..



Someone asked me a while back where I get my motivation. It’s spite.Garry’s ModI’d have probably lost interest in Garry’s Mod within a couple of weeks. There was one thing that drove me forward.It w..


We got married

Me and Sarah got married this year, finally, after 11 years together. I’ve sropped blogging as much as I used to, because it’s hard to believe that anyone gives a fuck, but I’ve documented every oth..


Everything We Watched In Lockdown

Palm Spings Like groundhog day. We liked it a lot. Ted Lasso American guy comes to England to coach a premier league football team. We like it a lot. Future Man Really enjoyed it. Wolf’s love of coo..


House – What I’d Have Done Different

About 6 years ago, just before Alex was born we decided that our house wasn’t big enough. So after looking at a few houses I decided that none of them were really big enough for us and it’s be bette..