Piss Shake

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I used to have a problem with my urination technique. The problem was that I always had some left in the tubes when I started putting it away. This would lead to me either peeing myself a little bit or spraying wildly as I struggled to put it back in its cage.

The spray got that wild on a couple of occasions that I ended up with piss on the floor BEHIND me. I still can't totally figure out how I managed that - but I assume that it flopped around and I peed between my own legs.

So I started to observe other men in public urinals and I think I figured out where I was going wrong. When I'd finished I shook my knob from side to side and up and down. Kind of like casting a fishing rod. A bit of a flicking action.

I noticed other men did more of a masturbation action. Some even opting for over 15 pumps. Pumping it for longer than the urination itself had taken. Which seemed weird to me - but it seems that everyone does it that way.

So I have since adopted this `milking` method and everything has been fine up until now. These are things that you have to figure out for yourselves. No-one tells you the best way to shake your dick after you've had a piss. Until now.

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