SteamPipe Mounting

Monday, March 4, 2013

Today I made steampipe mount properly. If you don't know what SteamPipe is – check this out.

I was having a bit of trouble finding the install folders.. but Valve added a function to the Steam API to retrive them – which worked perfectly.

Then I had a bit of trouble with files with double extensions inside vpk files. I have just found the problem here though – and managed to fix it. I think this is one of those bugs that Valve already fixed in their internal version.. so I might have wasted my time by fixing it.. but oh well, it was good to learn more about how the vpk system works.

So anyway, now we're all good. The TF2 Beta is mounting, with maps loadable and models spawnable etc. So we're all ready for when Valve switch it over!

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