Texture Filtering

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Something has annoyed me in GMod for years. You know how when people draw text, or a HTML panel in the world it looks all pixelly? Well yeah that's annoyed me. So I took 5 minutes to add these functions in the next update.

render.PushFilterMin( TEXFILTER.ANISOTROPIC ); render.PushFilterMag( TEXFILTER.ANISOTROPIC ); render.DrawSprite( .. blah .. ) render.PopFilterMin(); render.PopFilterMag();

These allow you to force the texture filter mode to a certain value - and ignore the filter value set in the textures. *Min is the filtering to use when the texture is smaller than its size on screen, *Mag is the filter to use when it's larger (magnified). Modes are:


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