Mailbag: Sausage Men

I haven’t done a mailbag for a long time, but this is a common enough question that I thought I’d explain my thinking here. This particular email was fair and level headed and I’m hoping that my posting it as a blog I can redirect future generations here. Hello, I played Garry’s Mod for a…More

Holiday GameDev Books

I did some reading on holiday. I read three game development related books as cased on recommendations from twitter. Here’s some of my favourite quotes. Ask Iwata Not gonna lie, I didn’t know who Satoru Iwata was before getting this book. When you’re in the game industry a lot of the time it feels like…More

Office Design

We’re plan to move our office soon. We’re going to be moving from Bloxwich to Birmingham. Right now it’s just a big empty shell. So we’re getting a firm to design and turn it into a real office. I haven’t been to many game studio offices. In fact, I think I’ve only been to one..…More

Access control in serverside Blazor

I like Blazor, and I like Razor and ASP stuff. I’ve been coding stuff in it for a while but I refuse to learn about their built in authorization APIs. I come from the world of PHP where cookie/session management was always really handled manually, so I always feel more comfortable handling all this myself.…More

the man who fell to earth

Why did he need a share in the company to access the patent, aren’t they all open and freely available? How can you be granted a patent that isn’t explained in any way? Was he really controlling atoms with a Casio keyboard wtf If the first alien has this second powerful company, with people running…More

Unity 2022

You know, I rag on Unity a lot. They’ve made a lot of mistakes. Deprecating features while the replacement isn’t ready. Creating multiple new implementations of features from scratch instead of improving what’s there. Abandoning their own features in favour of acquiring community made versions, and then abandoning them. Splitting the whole render system into…More

3D Printer

I got a 3D printer. I never saw the point before.. because from what I’ve seen people mainly use them to print little figurines and whistles off.. and while that’s cool.. I always think you might as well just buy them from Amazon.. it’s cheaper and easier. I always liked making stuff. Manufacturing is something…More

Rip Foszor

You might remember Foszor from the GMod community a while back. Like, 13 years back or something. His game Zinger came second in the fretta game contest we did in about 2010. I was really sad to hear that he’d passed away a couple of months ago. I was even sadder to read that he…More

My Tesla Is Fixed

Quick follow up to My Tesla Broke. It’s now fixed and back at home, so about a month and a half in the end. They changed the HV and the 12v battery. Spotify A funny thing is that I knew they had started fixing it. My spotify kept stopping, and when I looked into it,…More

My Tesla Broke

I’ve had my Model 3 for less than 6 months, and I’ve put about 500 miles on it. When I came off holiday I got in it at the airport and it had a buttload of errors.. I googled the errors and the common theme seemed to be the whole battery pack replaced.. not something…More